It helps to remember that any act of creation, whether folding a paper airplane, baking a cake or writing an episode of SVU, is, by definition, a religious act and a subversive one. We reach out with ape-like hands and filthy minds and we mock and challenge all that came before us by making something be there that was not there.

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I had forgotten how wonderful it feels to listen to an entire album from start to finish and give it your full attention.

no distractions

The little things? The little moments? — They aren’t little to me.

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It took the whole summer, but I finally had a slice of champagne cake.
Oh sweet goodness…. How I have missed you.

pieces of you

After reading certain people’s blogs for several years I’ve started to feel like I know them.  I feel a connection to you guys, that we are kindred spirits floating through the endless of the web.  We just reach our tendrils out into the vastness of ones and zeros and, by fate, manage to touch each other.  I think it’s beautiful.  

The metaphor is simple enough, the idea that the internet brings human beings together and together we wander hand in hand through its vastness.  Unfortunately, I know this isn’t the case.  

Spirit implies that one is whole; it is the embodiment of an entire entity’s being.  This never actually occurs, of course, because there is only so much to be seen on the internet.  We only show certain sides of ourselves.  Whether it’s the best filtered face on Instagram or our deepest secrets on Tumblr, we still can only show so much.  My tumblr, for example, shows my more thoughtful side.  This is not to say that  this is a false portrayal of who I am or that I am not being truthful, only that it is not the full picture.  It may be a more personal side of who I am, but if that’s all you see then it’s not nearly enough to make a full assessment of who I am.  

So, having decided to write this post about an incredibly obvious observation, I’m wondering what to do with these connections I’ve made.  Well, I decided that everything’s okay.  In life all we really see are shades, the smallest slivers of who people are, even our closest friends.  Therefore, if the internet is not the cause of this dichotomy, but simply an example of it, then I will choose not to fight it.  I will be gracious to accept what each of you have given to me.  I will pray for your burdens and I will take the sliver of a hand that you offer and hold tightly onto it as I wander through the abyss, never letting go of what you have given me.  Maybe I’ll take everyone’s sliver and make it into a collage.

So, to the midwestern girl that kept flirting with me, to the sarcastic southern seminarian, to the San Diegan single mom, to the angsty Asian Whovian from across the pond, to every bitter feminist and thriving Christian and stubborn republican who doesn’t believe in global warming… I am so grateful to have “known” each and every one of you.  

Tired of being alone,
Calling you on the phone

I’d rather have you here with me

Michael Alvarado Ft. Carissa Rae - Missin’ You Like Crazy

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I need a hug. Hugs are important. I wish I could find all the people who need hugs right now and give them as many as they need and we’ll all be happy. I’d hug all the people. hugs all around. all kinds of hugs. *except awkward side hugs. those are not real. only real hugs.

Faced with an exciting question, science tended to provide the dullest possible answer. Ions might charge the air, but they fell flat when it came to charging the imagination - my imagination anyways.

— David Sedaris, Me Talk Pretty One Day

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